Minsk, 8, B. Khmelnitsky Str.

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About Trust


The main purpose of JSC "Trust Belpromnaladka" is a high-quality performance of all tasks assigned clients to achieve their trust and fruitful cooperation implementation.

We guarantee you a prompt implementation of the design, installation and commissioning works. The company is equipped with high-quality and modern equipment, mobile laboratories and a professional experts - leading industry engineers. We doing our best to satisfy customers' requirements in full, so every time will improve the work of analyzing customer needs, and employ the latest manufacturing techniques, extending, thus, the range of services.

The company provides services in the short term and always ready for mutually beneficial cooperation.

Unlike many organizations that perform commissioning and having sufficiently narrow specialization, the Company may offer the customer a comprehensive implementation of all commissioning work at the highest quality level.

In recent years, Open Joint Stock Company "Trust Belpromnaladka" acted as the general contractor for a full range of commissioning work, including on such a large and important objects as: Independence Palace, MKRSK "Chizhovka-Arena", the Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Waterpark "Swan", production building of "Bearing" on the street. Makayonka 17b in Minsk.

The basis of our success in providing general contracting services to start commissioning work - experience, highly skilled workers, long-standing partnerships with leading companies, large fleet of modern equipment, mobility and efficiency in the organization of work, a flexible approach to solving non-standard situations in the production process commissioning.



The structure of OJSC "Trust Belpromnaladka" consists of three branches:

LSG "Elektronaladka"

8 (017) 292-23-61

Industrial Engineering Department:
8 (017) 292-42-22

Laboratory testing of electrical safety devices:

Minsk: 8 (017) 331-14-68
Gomel: 8 (0232 ) 41-39-48
Vitebsk: 8 (0212) 36-69-90

LSG "Teploenergonaladka"

Head of Department: 
8 (017) 292-22-42

Chief Engineer: 
8 (017) 331-20-42


8 (017) 331-43-29

Chief Engineer:
8 (017) 
331 09 71

Head of Department: 
8 (017) 292 14 92